Wine and Food Pairing Tips

When a person wants to have a great meal, then the individual must have the right wine and food pairings. To make the courses right, the chef must plan carefully with the sommelier a.k.a wine steward. The following are a few wine and food pairing tips for caterers and party planners alike:

1. Always go Traditional

While it might be tempting to veer away from tradition, there are certain rules that must be followed. Red wines are for red meat. White wine is for fish and chicken. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. There is a reason why these suggestions are in place.

2. Serve the Most Expensive Wine First

People are parched when they first sit down at the table of a dinner party. They might have been saving their appetites the entire day. That first sip of wine will be the most memorable. That’s why the best one should be served first. Having some light appetizers such as prosciutto and cream cheese icing will go well with any wine. Also, this is a great time for fruit. The fruit will further enliven the palate and prepare it for the main course.

3. Bring in a Surprise

Most guests at formal functions have had their fair share of these events. They are probably old hats at trying various wines from regions. That’s why surprising them with a special beverage will truly be a delight to them. They will find that they feel like they learned about a hidden gem that evening. And the same goes for the cuisine. Pair something wild and adventurous with that particular wine. That way, either the food or the drink will come out on the forefront of guests’ minds after a long evening.

4. Savor the Moments

Ambiance is a large part of tastings. Something as simple as changing the lighting between courses can have a huge effect on the person who is enjoying the event. So try to bring out some lighting changes in between the servings. One idea is to have candles on the table to light, or white Christmas lights around the walls of the room. This will serve to give people different venue experience as well as tasting.

5. Don’t Skimp on Dessert

Some people just plain have a sweet tooth. They will find that it is imperative that the dessert options are enticing. Also, they might want a choice of a sweeter wine. However, do not depend on this fact. Some people love the taste of red wine and cheesecake together. It is all in the balance. Give a few options at dessert time for various wines to pair with the dessert. Enjoy whole milk yogurt recipe in other restaurants.

All in all, wine and food pairing is a time-honored tradition. It is often a symbol of abundance and the finest in culinary offerings that a place has. That is why learning a few tricks to enhance the experience is sure to make it a more than memorable time. After all, there are some things that are better with age, and wine and great cheeses together top that list.